Welcome to Classical Conversations in Roxboro, NC! We are a homeschool community who is seeking to know God and to make Him known. By using the classical tools of education we are seeking truth, beauty, and goodness in all areas of our life. A Classical Education recognizes that we learn in three stages; the Grammar stage, the Dialectic stage, and the Rhetoric stage.  Our community meets once a week for twelve weeks in the fall and twelve weeks in the spring. 

Our Foundations program, which focuses on the grammar stage,  is for children ages 4-11. Each class is made up of eight students to one trained parent tutor. The morning is divided up into five 30 minute slots which are new memory work, memory work review, science project, fine arts activity, and presentations. Our Classical Conversation’s community works as a partnership between the parent, tutor, and the students. Parents stay on campus and learn right along with their students. Tutors model teaching and memorization techniques for parents and students.

The Essentials program meets in the afternoons from 1:00-3:00. Students ages 9-11 attend class for 45 minutes of English grammar, 45 minutes of writing, and 30 minutes of math drills. Each class is limited to twelve students. Essentials is a dialectic stage program. Students are memorizing parts of speech and rules, but they are also using that information to parse sentences. Using the Institute for Excellence in Writing, students will read  various source texts and compose their own papers. 

If you would like to know more, please plan to attend one of our information meetings. You may also want to attend the free Parent Practicum in the summer. This is a learning opportunity for you the parent/teacher.